Padampa SangyeTHE PROGRAM


The School of Tibetan Healing Cho is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the traditions of Chod, as developed and practiced in the land of Tibet. Through classes, literature, qualified teachers and special events, there will be an ongoing transmission of the ancient and diverse lineages that comprise this profound system of personal development and public benefit.

The process of fulfilling this mission is fourfold:

  • Teaching traditional practices, while placing them in a modern context.
  • Preserving the innermost meanings, spiritual power and capacity for realization of this vast treasury of teachings and ritual, keeping them vigorous.
  • Spreading these teachings broadly, in order to help beings who are spiritually ripe to partake of the rich heritage of practice and accomplishment.
  • Benefiting sentient beings by creating an outreach, so that Chod practices for healing, death and dying, land blessing, etc., can be used in a broad cultural context; helping these incredibly valuable rituals enter the mainstream of Western life.


The core training consists of a 6 modules. The seminars will be practical, allowing the participants to begin making progress and receive the many benefits of Chod, such as increased clarity, inner joy, and decreased attachment to lifes changes.

• Students will receive all all transmissions and teachings, either in live seminars, or via our distance learning, online empowerments.
• Each module trains in the philosophy, principles, visualizations and actual rituals.
• The curriculum is a graded one, moving from basic to more advanced practice.
• Between seminars, daily practice, prescribed readings and studies, and periodic full-time practice retreats will ensure the full benefit of the practice is received.

Distance Learning


Chod Distance Learning Progam

There are 3 important reasons why a Chod distant learning approach is so vital at this time.

Through Distance Learning, suitable students anywhere in the world can access these extraordinary teachings and trainings.

Each student can proceed with these trainings at your own pace. However, to help structure your studies, there is a suggested 12-week approach so that Chod meditations can be each be put into practice weekly, without overwhelm.
A daily practice regimen is also suggested, that is brief enough to be integrated into one’s lifestyle and other spiritual commitments.

The Distance model also allows ongoing contact with the students when questions or problems arise.



Application for Chod Distance Learning

The core purpose of the School of Tibetan Healing Chod is to transmit the corpus of Chod accurately and comprehensively.

Thus, as with live seminars, the School has an application process to ensure that there is a good “fit” and that this training will be mutually beneficial. The main issue is not dharma credentials, but the basic humanity, openness and altruistic mindset of the candidates. You can download the application here.