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Yogi with 5 ElementsTraining in the Trulkor of Jigmé Lingpa

May 3-18, 2013


Journey through Bhutan with Tshewang Sitar Rinpoche, including empowerments and foundational training in the Six Yogas of Naropa, healing Chod, and Mahamudra/ Dzogchen. This trip will be limited to 21 committed participants. To ensure thorough preparation, participants will be asked to complete preliminary readings as well as physical training. The curriculum for this teaching retreat is considered to be the life blood of the dakinis, female embodiments of wisdom and enlightened energy. This is a rare opportunity to receive empowerments and  training in core yogic practices, including inner heat, dream yoga, and clear light, that lie at the heart of the Tantric Buddhist tradition and which, since their inception, have been passed down as a secret “whispered lineage”


Chod in the Land of the Dragon—2011

Highlights of our previous event in Bhutan!

Bhutan is the last Vajrayana country in the world. Here, we meet the pure energies of Guru Rinpoche, Yeshe Tsogyal, Tontang Gyalpo, Pema Lingpa, PeGyal Lingpa and more, and sit where the yidams, dakinis, protectors dwell. This precious heritage has been preserved and nourished, and the living traditions remain vibrant and palpable. In spite of political, social, economic and cultural issues, not for below the surface, the pure dharma percolates and bubbles forth.

In this place, where synchronicity is commonplace, the sacred environment  has the power to transform. Through the guidance of a unique Dzokchen master and a skilled Western Buddhist teacher, we will discover a renewed energy and dynamic that will inform the rest of our days, and create a seed in all future lives.


Participants will receive (or re-receive) the Chod Initiation, and various transmissions (lungs). During our time in Bhutan, aside from the full-day Rinchen Trengwa, we will learn and practice the PeGyal Lingpa Chod, Kusli Tsok Chod, short Chod Tsok, Laughter of the Dakinis, and especially the Chod Ngondro (translated and presented for the VERY FIRST time in the West), as well as various other daily practices, protector practice, and so on!


New downloads in the Free Members area include: Protective yantras:

  • Samantabhadra
  • Scorpion Talisman
  • Astrological Talisman

Chod Materials:

  • Chod Short Tsok
  • Tsok Melodies
  • MaChik Thangka/li>
  • MaChik Prayer of the Three Bodies
  • Chod Prayer Flags
  • Nyingma Protector Prayers

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