Music of the
Precious Rosary of Chöd


The melodies of the Rinchen Tsokley are haunting and stirring, but also carry profound blessing. Their energetic and vibratory power can be immediately experienced, with lasting healing and transformative effects both when listened to and sung aloud.
This complete collection of the Precious Rosary melodies is an audio handbook for the 30 different tunes used in the various sections of the text. The recordings provide a guide to the pronunciation of the Tibetan and the often idiosyncratic phrasing. Listening or playing along, one can easily learn to integrate the melody with the damaru, bell and mantric exclamations. Phat!

• These sacred melodies, in the form of MP3’s, are each named, and provided as separate tracks for study and practice.

• The tunes follow the numbering in the Precious Rosary text.

• Following this system, they can be played as one continuous session, section-by-section or individuality.

• The companion PDF guide lists all the numbered tracks-tunes, colored coded as in the actual text.

• The second edition of the Precious Rosary will have greatly expanded musical notations; These can also easily be added to the text for those with the original 100 sealed and signed edition.