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Sacred Nepal Tour

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Kathmandu Valley, Nepal   Oct 4-20

Anis Vignette

The Adventure

Your are invited to Bouddha, Nepal for a week, two, or three for a mix of exploration, teachings and practices of body, mind, energy and sound, distilled from 40 years of meditation, healing and research in the realms of ancient Eastern wisdom and the best of Western psychology and holistic science.


We will learn unique methods that lead towards inner alchemical change. Integrating the understanding of many Light Body traditions (Tibetan Buddhist, Shaivite, Daoist, Gurdjieffian, etc.) we will use movement, sound, visualization and inner energy work to transform mind-body while avoiding false paths.


The sacred sites of Kathmandu valley will be the backdrop for inner transformation; We will partake of some grand rituals and discover vital power spots while learning the inner alchemy of Essence living, while transforming every kind of raw experience into the nectar of illumination.


We need a clear and reliable roadmap to understand the stages of the path, the exact goal, and what happens during that process; We will fill in the missing pieces of “why” we do various practices, not just “how.” And particularly we must start with "who" is doing the practice, and discover our true identity—and the false.



Lama Jinpa (Asa Hershoff)

Asa will be your guide on  to the known and unknown, working to help each person on their unique path, contributing to that journey through own skills as a medical intuitive, holistic  doctor, Buddhist, 3-year retreat graduate, inveterate seeker, scholar and world authority on the Five Elements. The core of the teachings are a fusion of living knowledge, forged in the crucible of true Essence. This brings together truths inserted into Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist and Western spiritual traditions integrated with the best of modern psychology. These teachings are profound, yet elegant and straight-forward in application.

Lama Tobchen

A trusted friend over a 20-year period, Lama Pema Tobchen is a chant master (Umdze) and highly accomplished practitioner and ritual expert within the Dudjom (Nyingma) tradition. Hailing from the Humla area near Mt. Meru, he is a inexhaustible source of Vajrayana knowledge, as well as deeply skilled mediation master. Leading one of the few full-time pujari that still practice within Nepal, he also teaches in Australia, Singapore, Europe and elsewhere. His accuracy with Tibetan divination methods or  "mo" is also renowned! (Note: Pujaris perform rituals to heal people, the land, difficulties with home, spouse, finances, demons and all manner of mundane and spiritual problems.

Rodrigo Razo Caro 

A true Renaissance man, Rodrigo is a lawyer, government consultant regarding indigenous conflict zones and psychotherapist who integrates gestalt, systemic, psycho-genealogical and transpersonal approaches. Well trainined in breathwork and Qi Gong, he has spent the last decade receiving direct instructions and teachings through Knowledge-holding various Tibetan Vajrayana lineages. Nagkapa Rodrigo acts as our Spanish translator for both oral and written teaching on Buddhism, Elemental Psychology and 5-Element bioenergy healing.


The Itinerary

Sat. OCT 7. Orientation

Orientation / Talk • Training in Energy Movements • Sacred Stupa &  Shops

Sun. OCT 8. Durbar SQ-Sacred Urban

Energy Movements / Talk • Sacred spots in Urban Chaos • Chod orientation

OCT 9. Day of Chö

Early trip to Nagi Gonpa • Full day Chö ritual with the nuns of the remote hermitage.

Tues. OCT 10. Bouddha and Pullahari

LB Movements • Boudda monasteries  & beyond • Medicine Buddha / Dakini Practices

Wed. OCT 11. Swayambu and Bijeswari

LB Movements / Talk • Sacred stupa, temples, relics • Thamel shops and ancient walk

Thurs. OCT 12. Pashupati Charnel Grnd

LB Movements / Talk • Cremation grounds & temples • Protector Practices

Fri. OCT 13. Pharphing. YangleShö. Asura

Sacred sites & magic caves Power spots & Temples.Vajrayogini: Dakini meditations.


Sacred Places














The Teachings

The following train the mind and body towards higher awareness, higher frequency, higher sensitivity, increased field strength and inner power.

Inner Breathing

Getting to the core, the truth, the reality of spiritual transformation, not just the surface gloss: The difference between exoteric and esoteric religion and spirituality.

Light Body Movements - Series 1

A daily series of gentle bioenergetic movements to open and harmonize the Elements.

5-Element Visualization / Mantra

Essential work with both Buddhist and Hindu ancient Elemental sound and visuals for enhancing and purifying both the physical body, the mind, and spiritual connections.

Energy Sensitivity Training

Learning an eleven-movement series for Elemental and bioenergy enhancement.

Presence  / Self-Remembering

Bringing awareness into body, action, thought, experience, beyond simple “mindfulness.”

Sound/Vibration Healing

The most ancient tantric art of Ucchara, of vibratory awakening of higher centers.

Deity Practice

Learning and practicing the meditation on Medicine Buddha and the four Dakinis from one of the world’s greatest yogi and sage, Tangtong Gyalpo, iron bridge builder of Tibet..

Dakini Practice

Learning and practicing to work with Feminine Wisdom energy through self-identification, visualization and mantra of these five cosmic and earth-bound forces of bodymind..

Protector Practice

The methods of invoking intense protection from wrathful forms of Wisdom Mind.


Live Sessions—Music & Meanings!

For those that acquire the bundle of all three modules [Text (1st or 2nd edition), English and Music] there are weekly live Zoom sessions starting in August where we will go over specific sections or melodic pieces with notes and teachings on their meaning. Learn while doing!


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The Ways of Light Body

Chod is a spiritual path that "cuts through" obstacles, negativity and self-delusion, while relying on Feminine Wisdom energy to purify body, mind and spirit. Combining all the elements of Tibetan Buddhism in a single practice, it brings about a direct experience of one's inner brilliance and original wisdom. The practice of Chod cultivates fearlessness, certainty and unrelenting compassion, connecting us to our deepest core. The unique combination of sacred song, ritual instruments, meditation and visualization creates a rich tapestry that reweaves our everyday experience and redefines our limited sense of self. It is also the practice of ultimate and relentless generosity, pacifying the sickness, suffering and spiritual blindness of sentient beings, and healing disturbed environmental energies.

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